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You're stuck in class and it is so boring...

Your halfway through the year and Mr. Richards has confiscated almost everyone's phones!

You're determined to beat the system, so you're going to have to do it the old-fashioned way...by passing paper notes!

You've looked it up and there are so many ways to pull this off, but you've decided to leave the covert methods to others, you are going to launch them right at their intended recipient!

To keep the teacher from catching on, you need to pass them when he isn't looking, aim carefully to make sure they get to their intended destination, and get the others on board by passing interesting notes and not being a jerk.

Make sure to keep your popularity above "0"


We weren't able to implement everything we wanted to, but we did have fun making this. Shoot the note by pressing down on the button to build up power, aim using the particles, then release the mouse button to shoot. Click through the dialog to see the notes.

Install instructions

Currently the WebGL version is wonky and doesn't work. Use the PC version for now.


PC Build v.3.zip 29 MB
Mac Build.app.zip 32 MB
Linux Build.zip 33 MB

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